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Call of Duty: Ghost (PS3/ PS4/ X360/ X1) Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

Is Ghost another example of Activision's attempts to milk the CoD series? Or does it manage to respect its history while trying new things.

The story takes place in where the Middle East is taken out of the equation by nuclear destruction. It its destruction and the eventual shortage of the world oil supply, South America's various oil producing nations form an alliance known as the "Federation." In the wake left by the Middle East, the Federation becomes a global superpower. With their new power, they are able to both and invade and conquer both Central America and the Caribbean.

A few years after the Federations rise to becoming a global superpower, they are able to hijack America's space station that maintains and deploys ODIN, Orbital Defense Initiative. ODIN, America's super-weapon, is subsequently used on American cities. As a result, several cities in the southwestern United States are destroyed. The surviving American astronauts are able to sacrifice themselves and are able to destroy ODIN.

In 2033, your job as a Ghost member, is to fight off the Federations invasion following the destruction of several US cities by ODIN. In addition, you need to kill a former Ghost member who survives his apparent death then years prior. This former Ghost, known as Rorke, is hell bent on killing Ghost members. Rorke has already been successful in killing several Ghost members.

Before i start talking about graphics, i just want to say that i have been playing Black Ops 2. I been playing it so that i could keep myself entertained until Ghost was released. I was expecting Ghost to look better than Black Ops 2, comparing the PS3 versions of each, but i get the impression that Black Ops 2 looks better. I cant give you proof nor am i a graphics person. I will simply assume that the PS4 version is superior to its PS3 counterpart. However, seeing as Ghost was released a full year after Black Ops 2, i don't think its acceptable.

There has been some new additions added to the multiplayer. For the first time, map mechanics has been added to the maps. On same maps, a player is able to call in a kill streak, ODIN Strike. This streak quite literally completely changes the map. I have only experiences it a few times and when it happens to you for the first time, you will think "HOLY CRAP...WTF just happened." Another addition happens after you kill the enemies top player. After you kill them, they will drop a brief case. Once you pick it up, you are given a challenge, which varies every time, and if you are able to accomplish it, you get some benefit.

As you would expect, you have your classic modes; TDM, FFA, Kill Confirm and so forth. The new modes are Search and Rescue, Cranked and Blitz. Search and Rescue combines and mixes Kill Confirm with Search and Destroy. In this mode, you need to pick up enemy dog tags to prevent them from spawning. In cranked, you MUST, another player in 30 seconds. Otherwise you will die, however if successful, your movements will be enhanced. In Blitz, similar to CTF, you need to go to your enemies portal while preventing them from getting to yours to score points.

Ghost does not truly new but it does a great job at adding a few new game modes to multiplayer.