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Basement Crawl (PS4) Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

Does Basement Crawl do a good job at bringing the Bomberman style of gameplay onto the PS4? Or does Basement Crawl do a poor job of representing this style?

The game has 4 characters. The first is a baby clown on a unicycle. The second is a legless crash test dummy in a wheelchair. Next comes a knife-holding, not so friendly bear that is on top of a little girl. The final character is a fat lady wearing a bikini top, that wears a cloth rag over her head.

The mechanics of the game are pretty straightforward. The main point of the game is to lay traps that you use to kill your enemies. These traps can be set up in a number of ways. They can be timed self-detonated traps. They can also be activated by approaching characters or by accidentally stepping on them without noticing.

While playing, I had a few minor issues. First off, it was difficult to find my own character when all 8 people are playing. This happened when I played both death-match and team death-match game types. I also could not really tell the differences between the 4 characters. I simply guess I need to play the game a lot more to learn their differences.

Overall, this game is worth playing. Simply playing a few 3-minute matches is a great way to pass time. I do think that it is worth a purchase.