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Luftrausers! (PS3/Vita) Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

What do you get when you combine 360 degree aerial movements with massive dog fights? It's simple; you get Luftrauses!

In regards to story, this game does not really have one. If you want a storyline, look elsewhere. However, in regards to music and plane customization, this game has it. I really enjoy the music and I could easily play this game for the music alone. The music is just that awesome.

With plane customization, you are able to change the front, center and back of the plane. By changing the front of the plane, you are changing the way the plane attacks. For example, would you rather fire bullets or fire a beam to kill your enemies? The center of the plane can increase your health, speed. Finally, the back of the plane is your jet engine. Do you want high temporary speed or consistent average speed? You have hundreds of different options for all three sections of your plane.

I have played both the PC and PS3 version. I do not enjoy playing it on PC because of the lack of control options. In regards to movement, you use the arrow keys. I do not have issues with the arrow keys but I am used to using the WASD keys. This makes it rather difficult for me to control my plane.

In addition, you need to press down on the X key to fire. Again, I wish I could use a different key, in this case, the space bar, to fire my weapon. I want to use the space bar to fire because it’s bigger and thus makes it easier to fire. Overall, I do not like the control layout on the PC version.

On the flip side, playing on the PS3 version, I had a better experience controlling the plane. I am assuming the PS3 and PS Vita controls are nearly identical. Anyway, the difference between the PC and PS3 versions is night and day when it comes to its control. It takes minutes, if not seconds to master the controls while playing on the PS3. Within seconds of playing the PS3 version for the very first time, I scored several times higher than on the PC because it was so easy to control.

After playing just a few minutes, of course dying several times, you may just get addicted to Luftrauses. Without a doubt, this is a great game to play.