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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

The time has come once again for another installment of Call of Duty. Will Black Ops 3 continue down the path of copying its predecessors? Or will it innovate some new concept into the franchise?

First off, for whatever reason, I could not play past Advanced Warfare's first mission in single player. I have two possible reasons that I could not. The first reason related to the game controls. I simply could not get used to them and they felt weird to me. Secondly, I did not have fun using the weapons. I felt that I was not doing any damage to my enemies when I shot them. Instead, I was killed countless times. I was playing on normal difficulty settings, which I always play on. I am happy that I did not have any of these issues with Black Ops 3.

For someone who had trouble getting used to playing Advanced Warfare, I enjoyed Black Ops 3's movement mechanics. I really like that the game automatically allows you to run on walls without needing to press down a button. This allows players to focus on killing from any direction without concern if you are sticking to the wall of not. Wall running adds another element to combat which I thought would make the game too complicated.

However, all of the controls, including running on walls, are fluid and very responsive. I also like that that you can perform drift slides. You can use this to go around corners at a fast pace or to do a quick 360 degree turn to try to kill whoever is behind you.

I like the fact that I can play campaign with up to 4 other players. Playing with others makes it more exciting than playing solo. I am an average player who normally plays on a normal game difficulty settings. Thus, playing on the higher difficulty settings is basically impossible for me. Thankfully, playing with others allows me to have an actual fighting chance at playing on a higher setting. Just be aware that if any of your teammates die, your game will reset to the last checkpoint.

The concept of playing campaign mode with others is awesome. However, I am simply unable to play campaign online. Every time I try to, I get disconnected and am thus unable to say whether or not it works. Hopefully, they will fix the issue but until they do, I will not bother trying to play campaign mode online.

For the first time ever, you are able to choose between 9 new character classes, called Specialists, to use in multiplayer. Along with choosing which specialist to use, one must also decide which weapons loadout to use. Each Specialist has a unique call sign, one special ability and one special weapon. You must select between using the special ability or the special weapon.

You are not able to use either one at the start of the game. On the bottom right hand corner of the screen there is a circular gauge, which displays how much time is left to activate either one. The same gauge also indicates how much time is left until the ability runs out. There are two ways to fill up the gauge, which is to wait for it to refill or to earn kill and score points. Of course, you can fill up the gauge multiple times during each match. It just depends on how good of a player you are.

I only had one issue with Black Ops 3, which affects multiplayer. It does not have to do with gameplay or what your able to do. It’s quite the opposite. It has to do with what you can't do because of invisible walls. These invisible walls are boundaries that prevent the player from going to certain areas. For a game that literally lets you run on walls, why I am not able to get onto rooftops or jump over boulders and mounds that are taller than me?

This always affects me while I play because I think that I can get better kill angle if I can only get onto that roof or boulder. However, when I actually try to move to that better location, there is an invisible wall. It’s so annoying because I try to do it several times each game.

Black Ops 3 takes many steps in the right direction. I only wish they could do something about the invisible walls. The walls are my only complaint. If they could resolve it, it would make gameplay that much better. If you are looking for a good shooter, then you had better pick up Black Ops 3.