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Just Cause 3 Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

I must start off by saying that I have never played any of the Just Cause games. I do recall reading about Just Cause 2, prior to its release in early 2010. From what I can tell about the series, it’s very similar to another open world, action-adventure game that I enjoyed completely, Saints Row 4. Thus, does Just Cause 3 remind me why open world games are so fun, in that you can do anything and everything you want? Or is it just another attempt from a publisher to milk a beloved franchise?

Doing anything and everything is the name of the game in Just Cause 3. Feel like taking a dune buggy up a steep cliffs? Check! Want to go skydiving from the highest point in the game? Check! Want to stand on roof of a vehicle while it goes over a mountain’s edge? Check! If you can image it, then chances are very high that you can probably do in within this game.

The movement mechanics are solid. I have no complaints whatsoever. With so many different ways to move around, I am very impressed with how simple and straightforward movement is. Walking and driving are just like any other game. In regards to swimming and diving, it’s a piece of cake. I have played other games where diving was a pain and annoying, here it’s not. Skydiving takes a while to get used to but I have no real complaints and parachuting is easy to master.

It took some time to get used to using the grappling hook and it was well worth the time to master. OMG, it’s such a pleasure to use them. I am happy that there are vehicles and weapons to use but I expect that I will be wasting countless hours just messing around with these hooks. You can use the hooks to move from place to place, just like Spiderman does with his web.

The other use is to attach objects together with the hook connecting them. After you connect objects together, you can make the hook retract itself. This causes the objects to hit each other with force and speed. The result? It depends on what objects you want to hit each other. Want a car crash? Then hook two vehicles together and see what happens. Want to make some fireworks? Hook together propane tanks and retract the hook. Thus, you get your very own, homemade fireworks created in seconds.

The graphics are great. Attention to detail has been given to nearly everything that you can see. While swimming or diving, you actually feel like you are under water. Once you exit the water, your cloths look wet. It takes a while for the cloths to dry. There are countless forms of destruction and they all look quite stellar. The thing that I enjoy most is watching the fireworks or I mean explosions. I just like how vibrant the fire looks within the game. From the small explosion created by igniting propane tanks, all the way up to blowing up a building with a rocket launcher, my jaw always drops. No, I am not a pyromaniac but the game makes fire looks so beautiful.

I truly enjoy playing the game but man oh man, do the load times kill the fun of playing this game. Everything you do has a load screen. If you’re lucky, most load times are between 30 seconds to a minute but expect it to be much longer. For a game that rewards you doing stupid, risky things, the load issues prevent you from actually doing those things. I often forget this and every time I get a load screen, it feels like I am being sent to the principle’s office.

The challenges in the game are hard for me, thus it takes many times for me to accomplish that. However, to try the challenges again, I need to go through another long load screen. As a result, I have given up on the challenges altogether. The game feels like it’s on PS3/360 instead of the newest and greatest console due to load times.

Just Cause 3 has reminded me why I enjoy playing open world, action-adventure games. It is a game that lets you do nearly anything that comes to mind. However, with load times as they are, such an awesome game is literally broken. If this game did not have such a serious issue with its load times, I would have strongly suggested that you pick this game up. I say so because it’s a game that does not take itself too seriously and it’s a joy to play.