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SteelSeries's Siberia RAW Prism Lightweight Headset Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Headphones

SteelSeries new Siberia Raw Prism headphones offers a high-quality listening experience for gaming and more. The headset features a lightweight design and a low-profile microphone that provides crisp voice communication.

The Siberia Raw Prism headphones are compatible with mobile devices, which means you can use these headphones with your smartphone. I listened to music on my phone with these headphones and found the audio quality pretty near prefect, especially while using the Spotify app. I was also able to answer and end calls all while using the headphone’s mic and multifunction button.

That brings me to the best feature of the Siberia Raw Prism headphones. It has a multifunction button on the left earcup, above the mic. This button basically works as a pause, play, and skip button for controlling music playback on your phone. The low-profile mic is another great feature. When I answered a call on my cell phone, the mic was just as crisp and clear as if I were talking on my phone directly. A benefit of the mic being merged into the left earcup is it looks so small, it’s hardly noticeable. Regardless of its size, it still produces fantastic voice quality.

The lightweight headset can be worn for hours of gaming or listening to music. I hardly noticed they were there unlike some other bulky headphones I’ve used. The headset’s plastic seems durable and its cable seems sturdy. While the soft mesh cushions of the earcups surrounded my entire ear and filtered out background noise.

My only issue with these headphones is that while they feature mobile compatibility with support for apps and phone calls, I could not get the multifunction button to work on my computer. For example, I tried pausing or skipping tracks in iTunes on my PC but it did not work. If that feature was available, then I would love these headphones even more.

While I had a relatively minor issue with them, I think these headphones are a great buy at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for lightweight headphones with great sound then the SteelSeries Siberia Raw Prism headphones are a perfect choice. They’re available at the affordable price of $59.99 and offer great audio quality and an awesome microphone.

Score: 9/10