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SteelSeries's H Wireless (P800) Wireless Headset Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Headphones

With so many headset options available, how does SteelSeries's H Wireless (P800) Headset compare to the rest?

Right off the bat, the P800's design feels different from any other wireless headset that I have used. The simple reason is that this is the only wireless headset, that I know of, that comes with a pair of rechargeable and replaceable battery packs. All of the other wireless headsets are powered by other battery systems types, listed below:

    - Replaceable AA batteries

    - Internal battery

These other battery systems have more disadvantages than the system that the P800 uses. The main issue with using AA batteries is that you will use lots of them. The downside of having an internal battery is that it would be uncomfortable to use the headset while they are charging. Or you could always buy another headset and switch between them whenever one loses its battery.

    On a side note, the PS4 controller uses the internal battery system. I had to buy a second controller, so that I could keep on playing whenever my battery died out. I had to spend an extra $60 on the second PS4 controller. Imagine having to pay upwards of $200 to continue using another headset after the battery died out.
Getting back to the P800's battery pack system, it allows you to swap out its battery whenever it dies out. This allows you to continue using the headset, while the other battery charges. This system enables you to use the headset as long as you want causing any annoyances.

Build quality is an area where headsets, both wired and wireless, can make or break a company's brand. Whenever I use headphones, I tend to use them for several hours a day. As a result of heavy usage, the headphones I have used in the past have quite literally fallen apart. The plastic used by the P800s feels thick and rugged not easily pliable or cheap. The fabric is tough and smooth yet comfortable rather than being hard and it won’t easily tear apart. Thankfully, the P800s has broken my cycle for breaking headsets. On a side note, I do like that the headset has a concealable mic. It has a retractable mic that comes out when needed or it can stay concealed. The mic is also build quite well.

I have two complaints with the P800. One is that it took a few minutes longer to set the headset up after unboxing, compared to other wireless headsets I have previously used. Thankfully, this only happened once and afterwards I knew to set them up without any issues. The other issue is that switching out the batteries is not as straightforward as I would have hoped for.

In order to remove the battery cap, you must use one hand to hold the earpiece. You will place the palm of your other hand onto the battery cap. Using your palm, you will place some pressure onto the cap to remove it from the headset. There is nothing wrong with it but I think there could be other methods to remove the battery cap.

The P800 is a wonderful headset to use. Yes, I had two complaints but they are more of a minor annoyance that will disappear once you get accustomed to them. If you or someone you know is looking for a wireless headset, then you should consider the SteelSeries's H Wireless (P800) Headset.