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Monster's Elements Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Headphones

With so many choices of headphones available, where does one start? I had to opportunity to review the Elements series headset from Monster. They do a great job of making these headphones a strong contender for any music and gaming enthusiast’s next purchase.

When you think of over ear wireless headphones, what comes to mind? I imagine those bulky and heavy headsets that I have tried in the past. Thankfully, the Monster Element headsets are not bulky or heavy at all for their size.

These sets have no additional "fluff" or unnecessary accessories to weigh them down. There is not even an external microphone sticking out. The mic is built right into the unit on the right side of the earphone, which makes using this headset even slicker. I had no issues with the mic and the sound and recording quality were crisp and clear. When I put these headphones on, the weight feels just right. I even forgot that I was even wearing them.

The Monster Elements headphones do a great job in both build and audio. These headphones make for easy mobility and use with PC, mobile, gaming, and other listening devices. These headsets have a Bluetooth feature, which allows you to use them on any Bluetooth device. Or you can use them wired if you like. You can go anywhere with these headphones because they fold up fit conveniently in their own included travel case.

They also have a swipe and tap control above the right earphone which allows you to play, pause, and fast forward music and videos as well as accept and end phone calls. You can also control the volume by using the swipe up or down control. This features are great and I had no issues using these tap and swipe controls. The sound coming from these headphones is stellar too. If you do not like hearing outside noises, don’t worry because these headphones do a great job at isolating background noises. All you hear is the amazing sound of these high quality headphones.

If you are looking for headphones in the $300 to $400 prince range then these headphones are right for you.