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ModMic 5 Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Headphones

Have you ever wanted a microphone that could detach from your headphones? Do you happen to love your mic-less headphones and just want a simple mic to use when you need it? The ModMic 5 allows you to do all of these and more.

My first impressions of unboxing the ModMic 5 are very positive. The mic has its own carrying case, which allows you to take it anywhere. A carrying case is not a big deal with headphones but it's needed here. It's great because there are lots of small accessories that come with the ModMic.

All the included accessories are well throughout. What you get with the ModMic 5 is:

    One ModMic 5 modular microphone set

    Mute switch

    1m and 2m cables, each with 3.5mm jack

    Durable carrying case

    Two base clasps, one top clasp with cap

    One foam pop filter

    One 2m cable wrap and 10 cable clips

    Extra adhesive pads

    Instruction manual

The setup time is straight forward. The video below shows you the simple steps to follow, which allow you to attach the mic to your headphones. I followed the steps myself and setup was indeed as simple as the video implies.

The sound quality from the microphone is crisp and clear. So, this microphone produces a high quality audio recording. The mic is also very easy to attach to your headphones. There is a simple sticky adhesive pad that you peel off the mic's attachment base. You stick the base to your headphones and then the mic attaches magnetically to that base. I found adjusting the mic to be easy and comfortable to wear.

The whole ModMic is really lightweight but sturdy enough that it really stays in place. The mic is pretty flexible too so it can easily adjust to your needs whether you're gaming, chatting, or voice recording.

One reason that I love the ModMic is because it allows me to continue to buy relatively cheap mic-less headphones. I am not one who likes having to pay an extra cost, maybe of at least $75 plus, to get a pair of headphones with a mic built-in.

The other advantages? The ModMic is both lightweight and portable. The unit itself is nearly weightless. Thus, if you add these bad boys to mic-less headphones, which are generally already lightweight, you will not notice any real weight difference. This is different to headphones with built-in mic that on the average tend to weigh substantially more. Additionally, your purchase also comes with a travel case and extra magnetic base attachments.

The ModMic 5 is an excellent tool that allows you to accomplish a wide range of your mic needs for a relatively low cost.